Knowing domotics and using the CRAAP Method

As part of my INF 103 class I had to search various articles about domotics. After searching for them I had to give them a value, showing their validity or trustworthiness, using the CRAAP Test Worksheet. It was a cool experience learning about this method and I also learned a lot about domotics. In this post I will put a link to a spreadsheet with all of the articles I found about the topic and their CRAAP awarded points. I will also post a bibliography of the ten articles with the highest rankings.

Google drive spreadsheet:


  1. Quintana G, B. A., Pereira Poveda, V. R., & Vega S, C. N. (2015). Automatización en el hogar: Un proceso de diseño para viviendas de interés social / Automation at home: a design process for social low cost houses / Automatização no lar: um processo de desenho para moradias de interesse social / La domotique: une nouvelle conception pour le logement dintérêt social. Revista EAN, (78), 108. Retrieved from (49.5 points)
  2. Strauch-Gómez, F. W., Gutiérrez-Martínez, D. F., Martínez-Baquero, J. F., Hernández-Beleño, R. D., & Méndez-Pallares, B. (2017). Inmotics: sustainability and comfort. Revista Facultad de Ingeniería – UPTC26(46), 131–139. (48 points)
  3. Bedolla Solano, J. J., Urzúa Osorio, D., Bedolla Solano, S., García Castro, M. N., & Ramos Teconalapa, C. L. L. (2018). El confort y la domótica: una solución inteligente para los espacios habitables y la problemática ambiental. Revista de La Alta Tecnología y Sociedad10(1), 18–25. Retrieved from (47.5 points)
  4. Morón, C., Payán, A., García, A., & Bosquet, F. (2016). Domotics Project Housing Block. Sensors (14248220)16(5), 741. (47 points)
  5. Craven, J. (2019, February 19). What Is a Smart House? Ask Your Computer. Retrieved from (45.5 points)
  6. Quintana, B. ., Pereira, V. ., & Vega, C. N. (2015). El factor para dignificar espacios de vivienda social se encuentra en la Domótica / The factor to dignify spaces in social housing is based on Home Automation. Entre Ciencia e Ingeniería, (17), 81. Retrieved from (45 points)
  7. Lu, X., Zhou, K., Chan, F., & Yang, S. (2017). Optimal scheduling of household appliances for smart home energy management considering demand response. Natural Hazards88(3), 1639–1653. (44 points)
  8. Maxim, O. I., & Cureteanu, R. S. (2010). The role of domotics in daily life. Journal of Economics & Business Research16(1), 124–129. Retrieved from (44 points)
  9. MIORI, V., RUSSO, D., & ALIBERTI, M. (2010). Domotic Technologies Incompatibility Becomes User Transparent. Communications of the ACM53(1), 153–157. (42 points)
  10. Meulendijk, M., Van De Wijngaert, L., Brinkkemper, S., & Leenstra, H. (2011). AmI in good care? Developing design principles for ambient intelligent domotics for elderly. Informatics for Health & Social Care36(2), 75–88. (42 points)


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